Hanging Sloth Planter

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Hanging Sloth Planter 
Give someone you care about a gift to remember or add some happiness to your home with the Hanging Sloth Planter. This dolomite-made planter is designed to be placed indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference, displaying your smaller beloved plants in the cutest way possible. The gorgeous design of this sloth plant holder adds a touch of magic with its very homely aesthetic, helping your home or garden look its best. Hang a cute, happy sloth in your home to give your family members a bright and positive start to their day.


Being shaped into a happy sloth makes this planter lovable and something that you will care about. The hanging design helps your garden come alive adding a natural theme to it. Having a strong hanging rope attached means this planter can be hung wherever you see fit, as it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor hanging.


This unique planter is made from porcelain and glaze which makes it waterproof and durable, so it’s perfect for hanging in your garden or on your patio. The material and coating help keep the planter looking colourful and vibrant while helping it last longer bringing smiles to faces for years to come.


Whether it's for your mum or dad, grandparents or even your partner there's no better gift to give as a Christmas, birthday or housewarming gift. The lovable planter will add a touch of joy to their life ensuring it's a gift to remember.


Size: 13.5cm (H) x 10.2cm (W) x 18.5cm (L)
MateriaI: Porcelain, Hemp Rope & Glaze
In the Box: 1 x Sloth Hanging Planter
2 Year Warranty
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