Lava Lamp 16 Inches Tall Blue Wax/ Clear Liquid

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CLASSIC LAVA LAMP – This fantastic traditional lava lamp will provide that nostalgic & retro look and feel to your home, kids’ bedroom or office spaces.

BLUE & WHITE LIQUID – This lava lamp features blue wax inside a clear liquid, giving it the classic look & feel, as well as giving off a calming & unique finish.

PERFECT SIZE – This lava lamp is an impressive 16 inches tall, making it stand out and provide a clear focal point and mesmerising glow in any room it is placed in.

DECORATIVE ILLUMINATION – This lava lamp comes with a SES 25W screw-in bulb which provides the warming glow within the tube. The base of the lava lamp is manufactured from aluminium and keeps it anchored in position.

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